How to Identify Fake Facebook Account’s

How to Identify Fake Facebook Account’s 

Fake account’s are new trouble in facebook so be “alert”” with fake account they can distract your everything your privacy, and main your piece in life so be aware not to worry we have listed some effective ways so you can identify who is fake just follow this and get confirm are you talking to real person or fake?

1] Look into photos uploaded by suspected account if their is one photo only then it might be a
fake account.

2] See the wall post, updates, comment’s, and photo updates, has not updated long time account may be fake

3] See the friend list if their is freinds more than 500 , then observe his/her timeline if you see randomer’s saying thank you for accepting freind request account may be fake because no girl can manage 500 or more freind’s.

4] In freind list check that if maximum number of freinds are of apposite gender then account may be created just for fun and random Dating””
5] Then Look out his/her timeline read information in about section if their is no proper link of school or college doubt may clear that its is fake.

6] Fake profiles of girls usually have a contact no. in their info. Lets face it,girls harldy will have their contact no. in public.So watch out if the user exposes info that is unlikely for general users to unveil in public.

7] Look at wall post if numbers of people saying Thank’s and asking another quetion and if quetion’s remained unanswered account is fake

8] Fake account generally uses google pictures as their profile pictures so be aware of this thing to check originality of pictures look it in to google images their is one icon which helps you to search your query with image upload that image from your computer and search if it is fake image you will find many links for that image.

That’s it for Fake account detection if you like our post please comment or have any queries regarding fake account comment it here thanks for reading and be aware of facebook fakeness .

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