• Top 5 Things To Remember While Doing SEO Or Online Marketing

    TOP 5 Things Remember while online marketing or seo facebook, twitter

    Today’s market is online market where you will get a maximum benefits from online stuff you need to active on social media to let thing’s work where SEO┬áplays major part in online marketing without paying any amount you will get a free benefits from search giants like Google & Yahoo , Facebook, Twitter in this article we will see those 10 things which plays major part in SEO i.e Online MarketingTOP 5 Things Remeber while online marketing or seo

    1) Title of your website : –
    It should be suitable to your business , it should be neat and clear to understand google bots so it can be added to search engine with good trafiic , in title of your website first page add a your business name at first then other related keywords title should be short and unique to get advantage over your competitors .

    2) Metatag of first page : –
    It should be with with keywords seperated by comma don’t add useless content in it , try to add keyword which will be easily found in your website/blog content .

    3) Meta Description :-
    It is for google bot to read the site aim and to link in its perticular category so it should be informative try to wright a description in short with keywords in your content .

    4) Google + :-
    I know that social sites is very important in your traffic in that social sites facebook is very good option but google plus is different and it should be most considerable part in seo or online marketing so don’t avoid google plus make a business page on it and try to add upto dated information link it with another social site like facebook & Twitter

    5) Images :-
    Try to add maximum images in your blog and website to get more traffic with only text content nothing will really work becuse every search engine crawl and search for maximum images so add lots of images.
    Build a page on faceboook and twitter try to add a post on it regularly because fresh content will be always rank heigher and you will get a precious traffic

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  • Website in Mumbai

    Website in Mumbai

    We develop Website in Mumbai websites that suits the requirements of every business individual. Every every website has its own applications like some website shows product and others are informative.

    Few website needs continuous update while other doesn't but we provide username & password for website owner so he can update its content without help of website developer or programmer . 


  • FakeOFF App on Facebook

    FakeOFF App on Facebook

    FakeOFF App on Facebook

    There are million’s of fake profile on facebook and if you have more than three fake facebook account then your account may be hacked so be safe and install fakeoff app on your facebook

    This app provide score for every account in your friend list on the basis of that score you can decide it’s fake or not

    Score below 5 is Red ALERT !!!!

    Score Above 7 is Safe !!!!

    To install this app Visit this link https://www.facebook.com/appcenter/fakeoff

  • Facebook Will Help You To Get Your Dream Job !!!

    Facebook Will Help You To Get Your Dream Job

    Facebook Will Help You To Get Your Dream Job


    Facebook is not for chatting only

    If you think facebook is only for chatiing, commenting and uploading picture’s

    then you may be wrong because now day’s social media has it’s own power and it can makes your bright career and future .

    After one research it is quite clear that facebook and twiiter helping for peoples to search and get job’s.



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