Artificial Intelligence | Android App | Google Now | Easilydo

Artificial Intelligence | Android App | Google Now | Easilydo | 24me

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence :- Importance of A.I Increasing day by day and that is why Google , Facebook, apple are developing artificial Intelligence( A.I) Tools , most important aspect of A.I is to do task automatically for example you want to sort out your photos in categories many apps available in android and IOS to demonstrate fledgling forms of the technology by smartly , automatically doing tasks that would otherwise take lots of effort.

The Roll :- its is an app which sort out photos from phone gallery mark out similar photos and delete them the app is very clever tags every picture with particular category like fashion, beauty, sports, etc

Artificial Intelligence | Android App | Google Now | Easilydo | 24me

EasilyDo:- This app is like your personal assistant it connect gmail account and exchange and do other services and apps like Facebook and LinkedIn

The EasilyDo app can scan your emails and social networks and set up alerts for you

Artificial Intelligence | Android App | Google Now | Easilydo | 24me


Many features take some time to learn, but it is well designed and has made my online life a little less stressful.
EasilyDo is available on iOS and Android. Though most of its features are free, access to the full range (like one feature that connects to Salesforce to log professional sales information) starts at around $5 a month.

EasilyDo Inc. also has a new free email app that applies to your inboxes some of the same smart automation ideas used in its digital assistant. It offers a unified inbox for different accounts, one-tap unsubscribing from mailing lists and automatic sorting of mail into different folder types, like travel or other categories. The app is available only for iOS devices.

24ME :- Its is much like easilydo connects many accounts and manage affairs It is styled more like a standard to-do list app or calendar app, which may suit those who like to organize their days as a timeline.

The app is not quite as automated as EasilyDo, so you may have to work with it a little more throughout the day. Also, the interface is busier and fussier. It is free on iOS and Android.

Google Now, free and available on Android and via the Google app on iOS.

The app mainly sits in the background, but often surprises you with an alert that is really useful — for example, a warning of traffic on the way to your next meeting. Google Now can also help find nearby attractions and manage restaurant reservations, and you can speak to it in natural language to do searches.

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